Dubrovnik Days

As we waited on our flight out of Barcelona, Katta and I sipped cappuccinos and scrolled through our research for the next stop on our graduation tour. Katta, always informed about the potential dangers of each new adventure, turns to me with a smile, saying “All we have to worry about are the landmines!”. After seeing the look of shock on my face, she quickly explained it was only a threat in remote hiking trails. That was when I decided to spend the next few days at the beach, not in the woods!

A view from the city wall.

Katta insisted we put Croatia on the list when we started planning our tour. While she is the reason I came to this country, the immense beauty stole my heart. From the hidden beaches and coves to the winding alleys and city walls, Dubrovnik has a unique, welcome character.

The beautiful sights sprang into view as soon as the plane touched down. The sunset taxi ride from the airport was one of the most beautiful drives of my life. Each turn and alcove of the coastline offered up a stunning, scenic masterpiece as we approached Old Town Dubrovnik.

My attraction to the city wasn’t the only thing about Old Town that left me breathless. By the time we hauled our suitcases from the city walls, down and back up the many stairs leading to our Airbnb, both Katta and I were so out of breath we couldn’t even flirt with the cutie who checked us in.

Our empty bellies determined the first adventure in Dubrovnik: finding a hearty meal. Luckily, the first restaurant we came upon happened to be one of the best in the city. Steakhouse Domino was a dream after a long day of traveling. The charming waiters, delicious cuisine, and authentic dalmatian atmosphere made the restaurant Katta’s and my favorite. Full of bread, wine, and meat, we waddled our way back to the apartment.

Midnight Snack

The next two full days that followed were full of sun, sass, and so many stairs. Dubrovnik is a city packed with delightful surprises. While I was enamored with the architecture and history, Katta’s favorite was the cats and ruled over Old Town. These cute locals were patient, yet wary, as Katta chased one after the other through the city.

To explore all Dubrovnik as to offer, we walked the city walls and to a nearby fort. Walking the city walls is one of the main tourist attractions the city offers, yet it is an integral part of experiencing the city. The different vantage points of the city each hold a scene from some sci-fi franchise. Walk a few feet and see King’s Landing in all its finery. Another few, and a scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi plays in your head.

After working up a sweat, we fought off the mobs of the daily tourist groups heading into Old Town and sought a quiet way to spend the afternoon. We soon discovered a hidden paradise: a quiet cove hidden behind the fort, complete with an adorable bar, teal cool water, and no tourist! Katta and I spent hours enjoying the sun, taking dips into the Adriatic Sea.

The two days and nights spent exploring just a tiny sliver of Dubrovnik left me lusting to see more.

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